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Bath Wargames Club was founded in or around 1970 and is one of the oldest wargames clubs in the South West still meeting.  We are a small and friendly club that meet up on certain Sundays throughout the year at Claverton Down Community Hall in Bath.

We have a Groups.io group for updates and arranging games which had replaced the old Yahoo Group.  This can be found here. The group will have all last minute news and announcements. There will be a posting detailing what will be played at every session.

The calendar has been updated and the confirmed dates for for all of  2023 added , so please access it by clicking on the link to the left! 

Our quarterly subs are £18 (or £70 for whole year if paid in first quarter).   The casual rate is currently £7 per meeting (£2 reduction for under 16s and the unemployed) . This is the first year we have had to increase our subs since 2006 and is the consequence of the significant rise in the cost of hiring the hall over the last couple of years

We play a wide varied selection of miniature wargames ranging from historical based Ancients and Spearhead to Science Fiction based ones like Star Wars, Full Thrust and Mechwarrior. Past games are also shown on Calendar under the current year to illustrate the variety of rules and periods being played. If you have a suggestion for a game, we will try our best to arrange one for you.

Current rule sets/periods played are as follows:

  • 15mm Ancients (DBA/DBM/DBMM)
  • DBR (25mm)
  • Naval (Sails of Glory, Cruel Seas)
  • 6mm Napoleonic (FOGN & Polemos)
  • 20mm WWII skirmish (Skirmish Wargames, Chain of Command, Bolt Action, What a Tanker)
  • Spearhead (1/300 WWII and Cold War micro tank)
  • 25mm Sci-fi, modern and C16th skirmish (club rules)
  • Tactical Jet Air War
  • Full Thrust

We are always happy to see new faces at the club, so whether you are a seasoned veteran just moved into the area or a complete beginner interested in learning more, feel free to drop by during one of our meetings. Please have a look at our calendar and see the Yahoo Group if you wish to come along in case of any last minute cancellations.

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